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  • Peter Hutchings (Thursday, October 15 15 10:19 am BST)

    Brilliant Customer Service, Great attention to customer requirements. Great knowledge of bike technology. My bike wasn't new and was hand built so it had bespoke components, shop was very
    knowledgeable of my requirements and gave me upgrade options I had not considered. Really great experience. Definitely recommending to any cyclists in the reading area. Well done Guys

  • Sam (Saturday, March 28 15 06:08 pm GMT)

    New to the Reading area and was a bit unsure of this place due to the workshop prices being quite low but I have it a go anyway as I needed my brakes set up properly and it\'s the most tedious thing
    ever for me. Only took them an hour and I hadn\'t called ahead to book or anything, was seriously impressed with the work, I\'ve never had a brake set up this well before. The guy I dealt with was
    sound and I will definitely be returning

  • Jason (Wednesday, August 06 14 07:51 pm BST)

    Came in to get my wheel repaired and came out with a single speed conversion. I had been thinking about it for a while and they gave me all the info with no pressure, just helpful friendly advice.
    The bikes 20 years old but now feels like a new custom bike.

  • Alex Walker (Thursday, May 29 14 08:26 pm BST)

    Just had my Whyte Portobello serviced which needed some serious tlc, now it rides like a dream, it's a new bike. Legends guys cheers.

  • Wale Soleye (Tuesday, May 06 14 07:50 pm BST)

    great service

  • bob (Thursday, February 20 14 03:53 pm GMT)

    very helpful.i was riding through town and a got a puncture. I went to action bikes and bought an inertube but I had no tools to fit it so I wetn to scuk bikes and they gave me the tools to change
    the inertube and one of the staff helped me do it.

  • Mike B (Saturday, November 23 13 06:12 pm GMT)

    Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff. I just called in and the work I needed done on my bike was carried out straight away, didn't need to book ahead. Convenient location in the middle of Reading.

  • Rusher (Thursday, September 12 13 05:22 pm BST)

    Praise where it's due - very impressed with the quality and speed of service on a range of bikes from folding to single speed conversion of my old steel frame touring bike. I would and do recommend
    to cycling friends in Reading.

  • Richard (Thursday, July 18 13 10:22 pm BST)

    I came in to your store last wed/thursday to have a look at some mountain bikes as my company encourage the govt bike to work scheme. I haven't bought a bike since I was 15 and really didn't have a
    clue about what I was doing or what the difference between any of them were. And to be honest I felt well out of my depth as there was too much too chose from, and I didn't want to wing it and leave
    with the wrong one. Adam came up and asked if I wanted some help, I asked about the reason for the difference in price of a few bikes. He explained in stages what you get with each price bracket in
    simple and easy to understand detail. He asked me questions about what I need it for, and if I would ever need it for X or Y, what he didn't do, was just start pitching me his favorite one, or SCUK's
    'pick of the month' etc. With the answers I gave him he advised me on the right type of bike, the right tyres I'd need, the right sort of suspension and I felt confident that he really knew his
    stuff. I settled on a couple of bikes I liked the look of, but wanted to go to another store before I made a final decision, to see some comparables and compare prices etc. The experience I had
    elsewhere was completely different to the one I had in your store. I would recommend any of my colleagues thinking about joining the scheme to come to your store after the service I had from Adam.
    I've worked in sales and customer service roles for 9 years and I have
    very high standards when it comes to what I expect around service, it's really easy to wind me up through poor service but very difficult to impress. So I think it's important to give someone a shout
    out when they deserve it and Adam definitely does. You've got a top notch employee there

  • Ben (Tuesday, May 21 13 02:29 am BST)

    Great shop

  • Dan (Friday, March 15 13 12:04 pm GMT)

    Great Service! Very knowledgeable staff! Will be returning to you guys!

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